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Words from fellow musicians and students 


Liv Camilla Stringer is a vocalist of both breadth and depth. Breadth in that she has mastery and understanding of a variety of styles and vocal expressions, seen in both performances and on paper, looking at academia. Depth in that those styles and expressions are considered and mastered, not merely known. From performing to arranging to composing, Mrs Stringer has a combination of experience and curiosity that lends itself not only to what she knows, but also to exploration. 

Aside from the musical skillset, she is also a warm 

and kind person, easy to work with, humble and willing to focus on the big picture. Both as a performer, band member and teacher, these are of course invaluable personality traits for effective work. For me, it has been an honor and a privilege to work with her in the past. - Magnus Lundén, saxophonist from Sweden 

Liv is an incredibly talented vocalist and musician who has a real passion for making music. She improvises like a pro and is knowledgeable about many styles of music including a deep love for jazz. Her voice is otherwordly and her joyous spirit is infectious to all those that know her. I always love when I get the chance to work with Liv. - Dave Olsen, pianist from Canada 

Liv Camilla is brilliant and super talented - Erik Barthold, drummer and saxophonist (The Kristet utseende and Left Hand solutions) 

My former student , Liv Camilla Stringer, has after  finishing her studies at Ingesund College of Music, Arvika, Sweden constantly developed as a singer and there is no doubt that She with her outgoing personality, beautiful voice and knowledge of jazz and popular music has a lot to offer as vocal coach . 

Per- Olov Berndalen , lecturer at Ingesund college of Music. Pianist

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