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Words from musicians, students and clients 


“The first moment I met Liv Camilla  I knew she was special and after just a few lines of music from her throat I knew she was extraordinarily gifted vocally and musically intuitive. Anyone would be very lucky to make her acquaintance and make music with her.” - Sharmi Harper,  vocal teacher , NY

“Liv is a very talented singer/musician and I recommend her for any musical mission”

-Anders Bergcrantz 

 (International trumpet soloist)

“My former student , Liv Camilla Stringer, has after  finishing her studies at Ingesund College of Music, Arvika, Sweden constantly developed as a singer and there is no doubt that She with her outgoing personality, beautiful voice and knowledge of jazz and popular music has a lot to offer as vocal coach “. Per- Olov Berndalen , lecturer at Ingesund college of Music. Pianist, SWE 

“Liv is Brilliant and super talented”- Erik Barthhold, drummer and saxophonist (The kristet utseende, two hands solutions), SWE

“Liv is an incredibly talented vocalist and musician who has a real passion for making music. She improvises like a pro and is knowledgeable about many styles of music including a deep love for jazz. Her voice is otherworldly and her joyous spirit is infectious to all those that know her. I always love when I get the chance to work with Liv”. - Dave Olsen, pianist, CA 

“Liv Camilla Stringer is a vocalist of both breadth and depth. Breadth in that she has mastery and understanding of a variety of styles and vocal expressions, seen in both performances and on paper, looking at academia. Depth in that those styles and expressions are considered and mastered, not merely known. From performing to arranging to composing, Mrs Stringer has a combination of experience and curiosity that lends itself not only to what she knows, but also to exploration. 

Aside from the musical skillset, she is also a warm 

and kind person, easy to work with, humble and willing to focus on the big picture. Both as a performer, band member and teacher, these are of course invaluable personality traits for effective work. For me, it has been an honor and a privilege to work with her in the past”. - Magnus Lundén, saxophone, SWE 

“Liv is talented and sings notes that moves in many genres, She is Very professional and pedagogical” -Robin East, pianist, SWE

“Liv Camilla is a stunning and versatile vocalist. So musical and engaging, and a very creative collaborator “- Elroy Friesen, choir conductor , CA 

“Liv Camilla's music is so wonderful to listen to. Every time she does new music, you never get disappointed, it’s always a hit. Her vocals are like medicine to your ears, the only negative with her music/vocals is when the music stops. So if you want Good Entertainer for a night or weekend hire Liv Camilla. 

PS: She have a heart of gold and did i say that she is Good vocalist. “- Tobias Lundstedt, song writer 

“Liv Camilla Stringer is one of the most talented and dedicated singers I have ever worked with. She has amazing pitch and  a perfect sense of style no matter what genre she sings. She has a vocal technique that is a fair bit better than most professional singers out there, and a sense of professionalism and work ethic that is highly contagious. She is at the very top of my wishlist to be able to work with again!” - Niclas Gustafsson, clarinetist&music producer, SWE  

“I think Liv Stringer is a very talented singer and musician. She has an unique warm tone in her voice which gives any song that little extra. 

It’s always a pleasure to get to work with Liv. She spreads great energy around you and makes every situation possible!

I would recommend Liv Stringer to everyone who needs a professional all round-singer, vocal coach or any other musical entertainment “- Fredrik Wiklander, songwriter And producer, SWE 

"There are no words for me to accurately explain the level of talent Liv has as a musician or rather, no amount of words. Liv is as professional as they are talented in the arts. I was lucky enough to be able to partake in a Valentine's Day event they performed at and the amount of range she has is IMPECCABLE. Jazz, pop, blues... You name it, she can definitely sing it! Anyone looking to pursue their interest in music or vocals would be very lucky to have a person of her calibur teaching them." - Brittany  Dhin, Okc 

“Truly the voice of an angel. Liv Camilla can bring to life any song. Not only does she have a phenomenal talent, but every interaction I have had with Stringer Productions has been nothing short of professional. I would recommend her to anyone needing any services from voice coach to vocal performance.”

Don Kerr

“Im one of those who’ve had the opportunity to play music together with Liv for many years, and its always a joy. Shes so creative and easy to work with, and to me one of the best singers Ive ever played with. Whether we play pop/rock-music or jazz she sings from the heart and always give one hundred percent. With her unique sound and sensitivity, creating music together becomes an adventure!” - Annie Persson, pianist, SWE

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This is me 

My background 

Welcome to learn more about who might be your next coach, vocalis, etc. 
I was born in the northern parts of Sweden in a city called Sundsvall. I am the daughter of two musicians so music fast became a large part of my life. I started study vocals ( and played other instruments as well, such as piano) at 7 years old. At 10 years old i appeared on my first professional studio album called Idel Riedel under my then maiden name Camilla Tjernberg. As a teenager I studied at the music school and at a musical high school. After high school I was offered a full scholarship to Berklee in Boston, The music conservatory in Vienna and Trondheim in Norway. But after a lot of thinking i ended up at a university in the southern part of sweden where i was taught how to teach but also how to make a living as a musician.
I have my roots in jazz music but with a versatility that goes from metal to classical music.  If there’s any music genre I haven’t really gotten into yet, it is only because I haven’t been introduced properly. 
I would love to join new projects and constellations. I would love to teach you how to sing without straining your voice and feel more comfortable on stage and I would love to coach you on how to live your best life despite background. 

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Everyone can learn how to sing

Voice coaching 

My goal as your vocal coach is to make you feel as secure and safe as possible on stage. With over 25 years experience, I’ve come to learn a wide variety of techniques and I would love to share them with you. Nervous to do one on one sessions? Don’t worry, I can arrange group sessions. I’ve handled all types of different voices with different goals. Maybe you’re afraid you’ve fried your vocal cords ? I was for a long time but found several methods to deal with different issues that might surface. Do you want to learn how to sing a certain genre, or widen your vocal range? We can work on that together. I aim to make vocal coaching with me a safe place for you where you feel like there is nothing that you can’t do. 

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Life as a vocalist

With professional experience in most fields, I could be the perfect choice for a sentimental vocalist at your wedding, your loved ones funeral, graduation party, studio recording or back up singer.If you decide to book me, I will try to meet your needs at well as I can. Either alone or with a fellow musician such as a piano player or a guitarist. Or why not a trio? I managed to make  a name for myself back in Sweden because of the way  voice seemed to touched people on a deeper level. There are not many assignments I wouldn’t take on.  I am very flexible and will learn new material fast, so because of that, I would be the ultimate choice for studio vocals or back up singer. And why not hire me in your own band? 

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A show journey 

At the end of 2021 I started working together with three amazing musicians to put together a show that has not been seen in oklahoma before. We will entertain you with medleys from the past and the present. We will bring out the nostalgia at your bachelor or bachelorette party or we will make your bar/hotel/restaurant or casino jump and scream together with one of our 30 minute long medleys. Maybe you’re looking for a rock or Metal night? Or perhaps you want to take a stroll down memory lane with our back to the 50’s medley ? 
Each medley will come with a special trivia connected too it. For example : Too our “At the movies” medley, we would love for you to answer, without cheating, what movie each song comes from. But this is totally up to you. 

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